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Disclaimer – Multimedia Copyrights of Third Parties

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Content of Advertisements on SearchAdGains

Advertisements can be found throughout the SearchAdGains websites. The intellectual property rights of third parties are recognized by SearchAdGains. Search results pages can also include sponsored links from Google, mainly from two ad services Adwords and Adsense.

Other Advertisements – Advertisement and Advertising names on SearchAdGains

In the event, that we consider, ads originating from the Google advertising network, which do not relate to sponsored links, infringe your intellectual property rights or your business or those claimed by your company, SearchAdGains asks you to notify SearchAdGains, using this form. If you have any complaints about advertisements on SearchAdGains we kindly ask you to contact us. Your complaints will be evaluated by SearchAdGains and, if necessary, the ad will be removed or adjusted within three working days of the closed objection.

Advertisements of SearchAdGains on Third-Parties

SearchAdGains recognizes the intellectual property rights of third parties and ad networks that SearchAdGains is advertising on. If you think our advertisement infringes on your intellectual property rights, please get in touch with us in writing at SearchAdGains d.o.o., Baščaršija b.b., 71000 Sarajevo. SearchAdGains will adjust or remove the ad with the assessment of your complaint, if necessary, within three working days of receiving your notice.