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SearchAdGains may show direct links to third-party files or web pages. Those web pages contain material protected by copyright including other intellectual property rights. SearchAdGains does not and cannot grant its users permission for downloading, copying or using this material. The responsibility for the use, download, and copy of the beforementioned material falls directly on the user. SearchAdGains does not ever take responsibility for the sanctions that may occur from violation of law or regulations that fall upon the user and are caused by the usage of services enabled by SearchAdGains.

Website Functionality

The publisher will do everything to keep the website functional and always usable, however, the publisher does not have the possibility to guarantee that the website will be permanently operational and always available. Publisher and potential providers of the information of the website do not accept under no circumstances any responsibility for loss or damages of whatever nature, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, and/or costs (including but not limited to costs of legal assistance) which are wholly or partly a result of the use, as well problems with the use of the website, profits, loss of data or other (tangible) goods, arising from or related to the use, the inability to use, the disallowing of use, the operation and/or deficiencies in the functioning of the Website.

Websites information

Publishers have the right to alter the content of the website and will do so with caution to ensure functionality and the image of the website. However, the possibility of errors can occur during this process which the publisher will try to fix. The punctuality and truthfulness of information that is on the website or is published by it cannot be fully guaranteed by the Publisher. The publisher is also not responsible for the unfulfilled user’s goals through the usage of the website. Management and maintenance of the website will solely take place in the headquarters of SearchAdGains in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the maintenance team.

The use of information that has been published by the website is the responsibility of the user. Usage of the information outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina falls under the responsibility of the user and the laws of the country that the user is currently residing in. Publisher negates any responsibility for damages, direct or indirect in any form that has been caused by the misuse of the information obtained on the website. It is not possible to borrow any rights from the content of the website.

All (Intellectually) proper rights including the content of the website and logo belong exclusively to the publisher. That means that the user of this website isn’t allowed to send, forward, share, or distribute to third parties any content of the website, without the prior written consent of the publisher, except for personal noncommercial use. All possible rights to the website and its content are reserved.

You will not depict, give into license, transfer, sell, modify, copy, redistribute, reformat, or transmit any information, services, or product that have been acquired by using this Website or creating similar Websites. If doing so, those actions have to be permitted by the law or authorized in writing by SearchAdGains. Results that are shown in SearchAdGains cannot be displayed on the pages of your own website.

Information about websites and third parties

The website of thepPublisher includes references and/or hyperlinks to third-party websites and/or files. The content of these reference websites/files is not verified by the publisher. With the references and/or hyperlinks publisher offers only the possibility to the user to obtain further information to the extent as required by the user. The reference and/or hyperlinks do not mean that publisher recommends any products or services offered to the user on or via the websites.

In any case, the publisher will not accept or guarantee the content of the websites. Also, the publisher will not accept or guarantee damages in any form to the software or hardware of the user from misuse of the websites or files of a third party. The views expressed on the website or recommendation don’t mean the inclusion of any links.

Multimedia Copyrights of the Third-Party

Copyrights can protect the information about websites and files of third parties. Information on the website is accessible but isn’t allowed for users to download, copy or use this information or files. The user will be responsible in case he downloads, copies or use the information or files. SearchAdGains is not responsible and does not accept any charge for legal sanctions or criminal proceedings against the user as a consequence of the use of the website or a website of a third party.


SearchAdGains is allowed to make changes such as website information and Terms of Service at any time without further notice. SearchAdGains recommends periodical checking text of ToS.

Privacy Policy

SearchAdGains respects the privacy of all users that use the services provided by SearchAdGains. In our Privacy Policy, you will find what information Publisher collects and how its used and how your privacy is guaranteed. SearchAdGains strongly recommends you read a Privacy Policy. You are tied to the Privacy Policy by using the Website.

Authoritative Law and Competency

These Terms comprise all publishers agreed with you in relation to the use of the website. These Terms will be construed and governed under Bosnia and Herzegovina law. Any disputes arising out or in connection to the Terms shall exclusively be submitted to and finally be resolved by the competent court in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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